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Nowadays, Agile is considered one of the most effective approach to Project Management and it is very popular in Digital Transformation programs.

Agile project management methodologies are born in the second half of the XX century. In that period it was recognized that project management frameworks typically applied to civil or mechanical engineering failed to respond to the business needs of software development projects.

The rise of Agile methodologies was mainly an answer to the need of having a faster validation of the output and avoid the creation of products the user won’t like when no budget for change was…

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Data Science has been an hot topic in the last decade.

The majority of Companies around the world are aware that the amount of data made available thanks to digitalization and technology requires dedicated resources for its exploration and exploitation. And more and more companies are creating dedicated Teams or Centre of Excellence for leveraging data, in order to better understand customer needs, increase workers safety, optimize supply chain management, increase product and service quality, better planning, and so on and so forth.

The first question I’ve always heard from those companies is “How can I build a successful Data…

Andrea Gigli

Senior Principal

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